The "Robo vs Human" Construct is Wrong
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company Introduces Civil Liability Insurance for Financial Institutions in Australia and New Zealand

United States: Transition from Commission to Fee-only

Hat tip to Tony Vidler for the reference to this piece (from his newsletter) - an article about a commission insurance agent of Northwestern Mutual in Kentucky who started a new business as a fee-only retirement income adviser. It is interesting because the process is richly described, including some of the financial details, and the steps through the process.

There are limitations, though, and anyone contemplating a transition process will need to undertake a lot more investigation and planning. Aside from the obvious difference in jurisdiction, there are other variations: the introduction talks about making the transition in only a few months, yet the founder is yet to pay himself a salary. The transition was not like-for-like advice - I would be interested to see a successful example of a transition to fee-only insurance advice. But well worth a read. 


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