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FAA Review Could Get Overlooked in Big Shake-up

One narrative runs like this. Few people expected John Key to resign. on the 12th a new leader will be elected. They may re-shuffle the cabinet team. Things may change - priorities may change. FAA review may not make the cut. 

Another narrative runs like this: whatever happens the new leader will need a mixed bag of items on their to-do list. There are plenty of tough ones. Why not have one of the easier ones there too, so you can be confident of putting a few ticks in boxes? The FAA review carries on as expected.

A lot will depend on what happens in the next couple of weeks. To think only this morning I thought it would be quiet coming up to Christmas. But then again, even if the second narrative begins, the progression towards the next election can no longer be assumed, and suddenly and early election may come up to derail things.

Suddenly reform of financial advice looks less certain. Just for the record, I would be disappointed if that were the case. 




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