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Message from PAA Chairman

PAA's chairman Bruce Cortesi had this to say to advisers in their latest newsletter:

As your Chairman, but also as an adviser, it has no doubt been a year of ‘big picture’ opportunities for change in this industry of ours. Change that will shape the future for consumers, our clients and ourselves on many fronts. As advisers we have had to endure many changes over the past twelve months, and then along comes the opportunity to create a new Representative Body!

Change we can deal with, but when the security and sense of belonging to a place one calls home – the PAA, is on the table for change then I understand that some of you may feel a little cautious. The passion for me to be part of the Working Group for Financial Advice New Zealand is how we can achieve better outcomes for our members, acknowledging the huge role you play in lives of many New Zealanders. You are the unsung hero that continue to focus on seeing that next person – giving advice and helping people make the right choices financially whether it’s in insurance, mortgage finance or investment.

Click here to read the full message.


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