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A Fundamental of Marketing: Almost No-one Is Interested

I love this post from Seth Godin: "We may dream of the mass market, but the mass market doesn't dream of us" he goes on to explain that the default setting of almost everyone in a market is indifference. With insurance, that's even more so, because it is just not, you know, that interesting. Some people say it's "sold not bought" or if you fancy an older quote I love the laughably self-evident: "nobody ever broke in and stole a policy" but of course while that's largely true, there actually are segments that do queue up and buy one. But they wouldn't unless they were 'activated' in some way. That's what this post is about - activation - finding who is ready to listen to what you have to say: do read it


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So true!
We need to be more conscious of our customers' time and attention - we just aren't urgent and important compared to all the other things they're looking after.

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