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Success Needs Company

Success doesn't just like company, or accrue it, it actually needs it. Very rarely are individuals successful on their own. Even so-called loners, such as authors, often list a dozen people in their books 'without whom this book would not have been possible'. It is very rare for a person to have all the skills necessary to build a successful business on their own. Most meaningful businesses involve many people, and many of them are strangers, that had to be sought out and convinced to join the venture.

As a person who would naturally rather work alone, I find that challenging (at this point I offer thanks to those people past and present who have been able to look past my prickly personality and work with me). If you are like that too then you might find that from time to time you have a great idea - but you can't execute it on your own, but you don't want to share it. That's a tough place to be. Try reading this, it might help. 


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