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Selling Loadings: Tony Vidler

Tony Vidler has a neat video on selling loadings.


His tips are great - especially the book - the only thing I would add is that his tip about pre-selling applies well before your get to the point of presenting a loading. Some advisers ask a few quick questions early in the fact-find process to get a heads-up on what might be coming when they get into an application. 

UK: Insurers Fear Technological Disruption

In the UK insurers are worried about technological disruption - according to this piece by Ollie Gill, Insurtech writer. On the other hand, here in New Zealand, they have been given a breather. The FMA has excluded life insurance from draft rules on an exemption to fast-track robo-advice. Although, by the look of how the paper is written, that does not appear to have been an objective, rather a by-product of writing a robo-advice standard with investment business in the forefront of their mind. But even so, robo-advice will come to insurance at some point, and it would be good to be ready. 

Robo for Advisers - Workshop Invitation

If you are a financial adviser specialising in life insurance I would like to invite you to join me for a brief introduction to robo-services for advisers. 

What about using robots to make advisers more effective? With the FMA offering a draft of an exemption for robo-advice services the who subject has come up for a great deal more discussion. Much of that discussion will focus on investment products, partly because that is the place where robo-advice started, and the FMA has effectively excluded life insurance, at least from this draft, of the exemption. 

But robo-services will come to the insurance advice sector. If you are an adviser, you may have mixed feelings about that. But perhaps now is the time to get busy learning about robo-services and how you can put them into your business to save time, get better engagement with your customers, find new customers - and grow. 

Advisers interested in that should drop me an email and I shall send you some more details of the workshops. 

Campaign to Get More AEDs

'Every day five Kiwis suffer from a sudden cardiac arrest and approximately 1500 New Zealanders die every year as a result. Simply having an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to hand within three minutes can more than double a patient’s chance of survival.' according to this article on Goodreturns. CIGNA and GrownUps are teaming up with the goal of dramatically increasing the number of AEDs around New Zealand. 

Meanwhile, if you are over 40, I suggest that you search on the Apple app store or Google Play for "AED" and you will see a cool little app which shows you exactly where the nearest AEDs are to be found. Minutes can save lives.