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AA Highlights declining seatbelt usage in focus on the road toll

Chatswood Moneyblog Cake Day

Thank you for your support - as this is the birthday of the Chatswood Moneyblog which was born on this day in 2004. Blogging is an activity I recommend to anyone for whom writing for business is a valuable skill, and staying current with the industry news is important. If you want a strong grounding for your continuing professional development, then this is it. Soon we will break 200,000 page views. We have hundreds of industry subscribers, and the blog is just the tip of the iceberg. Quarterly emails are well received, along with the 60 page quarterly industry news digest (for subscribers) and the numerous conversations we have with people - sometimes started because I said something vague, or incomplete, or even stupid - where I get to learn and gather another piece of the ever-changing puzzle that represents our industry. 


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