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Chatbots the first step to economically viable AI

nib are the first health insurers in NZ to offer customer assistance from an artificial intelligence powered virtual bot named 'Frankie'. The chatbot provides convenient  and fast responses to clients queries and allows 24/7 support. Click here to read more.

Initially started by tech companies struggling to cope with the service requirements of tens of millions of users the world over, the implementation of chatbots is now becoming mainstream. Initially the bots can be of limited functionality, but one of the most important learning mechanisms is regularly interacting with customers. The more queries are typed into the chatbot, the better engineers can tune the AI to serve appropriate responses. Some chatbots are actively supervised meaning that a human operator watches over the actions of a group of bots, and is alerted to problems and can seamlessly step in. Others, like nib's alert the customer to the point when the 'bot has run out of ideas, and suggests the user calls an 0800 number. 

Sun Life of Canada's 'bot is a good example of the category - Link


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