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Seth Godin has this really cool post - and it is brief - challenging us to think about what 'sets off our sirens' and how we can change that - by changing what we choose to notice. Thinking about how we choose to engage with the world can change our perspectives.

One way to think about new financial services law, for instance, is to get all your information from the comments section under a goodreturns story. Another way is to read it. I personally use both. But I was at a meeting with Robert Oddy recently and he asked how many people had actually read the draft law - out of about 20 of us the number was perhaps just five. As a proportion, I bet that's high, too.

Changing what you choose to notice is hard, it involves work, but it can be done in small steps. Some ideas include: 

  • Follow some people you wouldn't normally think of as 'your tribe' on twitter
  • Choose a different news site - maybe one from overseas
  • Deliberately schedule an opportunity to get to know some people better
  • Make it a goal to find a client in a new sector or industry to those you most commonly find
  • Next time you see a piece of news, deliberately seek out the opposing point of view
  • Click through to the actual research, the draft law, and read the attachments
  • Creating written notes about a subject always helps
  • The 'Feynman" technique is to imagine that you have to teach the subject, and ask yourself what you don't know




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