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Health Funds Association Annual Review

The Health Funds Association Annual Review can be found at this link. Some highlights below: 

  • Lives covered up 23,800 or 1.8 percent for the year;
  • Premium income of $1.379 billion for year ended 31 March 2017, up $82 million (6.3 percent) on March 2016 year;
  • Claims paid for March 2017 year of $1.150 billion up $99.4 million (9.5 percent) on March 2016 year claims.

HFANZ received a report on the net impacts of health insurance in New Zealand, carried out for the industry by Wellington consultancy TDB Advisory. Unlike previous research projects which have sought to look at the impacts of particular policy initiatives, such as subsidies, this work provides a broader assessment of the net impacts of PHI in New Zealand, compared with the counterfactual (i.e. what things would be like in the absence of health insurance). Despite very conservative assumptions, the report finds the existence of PHI results in significant net benefits for New Zealand. These include:

  • An improved level of health coverage and outcomes;
  • Productivity benefits equating to around $100 million annually;
  • Net positive fiscal impact of around $0.4 billion annually


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