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GDP quality receives ‘bump’ from new annual benchmarks

In the September quarter of each year Stats NZ make changes to improve quarterly gross domestic product data. 

Here is a statement from Stats NZ's recent release: "In 2017, we analysed and reconciled an extra year of national accounts data. We now have a comprehensive view of the economy and the goods and services flows up to the March 2016 year. This sees our national accounts statistics reflect a more up-to-date structure of the economy.

It also allows us to introduce an additional two years of annual benchmarks to our quarterly GDP estimates series this year. Quarterly GDP is a comprehensive suite of short-term indicators that allow us to translate the more historical view of the economy into a quarterly basis and provide contemporary insight into economic growth. "

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"Restriction on surgical mesh not enough"

One woman who has suffered severe pain and her mobility was limited after surgical mesh was left inside her body after an operation in 2006 says "Every time you move it's like a saw."

This week, Medsafe announced that surgical mesh used for some gynaecological procedures will be removed from New Zealand's supply by January 4. Glenys Mahoney said restricting mesh was a good start but there needed to be more action. Click here to read more.

Product Mapping for Banks and Direct Insurers

Below is an outline of the banks and other direct providers with a map as to which benefits and options they offer.

If you are trying to do a product comparison on Quotemonster with any of the companies below and they are not appearing, chances are you are quoting a benefit or option they do not offer.

If you would like a PDF version of this table you can download it here:  Download Product Mapping - December 2017


Stroke in Younger Adults - Have Improvements Reached Their Limit?

"Age remains the most consistent risk factor for ischaemic stroke. Surprisingly then an estimated 10% of diagnoses are now seen in people below the age of 50. In many countries vigorous management of vascular risk coupled to improved stroke services have led to falls in stroke incidence and to improvements in morbidity and mortality. However figures for younger adults have remained unchanged or have risen."

Click here to read more in this article from Dr. Chris Ball, Life/Health Consulting Medical Officer, Gen Re.

Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely is a campaign that aims to help consumers make more informed decisions about healthcare. The campaign is run by Consumer NZ, the Council of Medical Colleges and the Health Quality & Safety Commission.

Choosing Wisely is a global initiative that has been implemented in a number of countries, including USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and some of Europe. Click here to view the NZ website. 
Below is a video from Canadian doctor Mike Evans. 

nib earns first CQ Tick for cultural intelligence and capability

nib has become one of the first corporate organisations in the country to be awarded the Cultural Quotient Tick reflecting their commitment to exploring and responding to gender and cultural diversity  within their own workplace as well as their customer base. 

nib Chief Executive Officer, Rob Hennin, said the health insurer was proud and humbled to receive the CQ Tick, adding that the CQ journey had made a significant positive impact on the organisation and its employees.

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