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Implications of the Transitional Arrangements

Dan Schreiber on Digital Insurance Companies

Daniel Schreiber has a great piece over at LinkedIn on how AI "eats" insurance. You may take only a very little comfort that he's from a general insurer. Life insurance is not immune to the lesson he's preaching. The only comfort New Zealand insurers have is that courtesy of the tiny size of our market, local regulatory variation, and our distance from the centres of innovation (mainly San Fancisco and London) we have more time to react and build proper digital platforms ourselves, before these folks arrive. But maybe you won't, maybe you'll just let them. For digital insurers going direct, like Daniel Schreiber envisages, it is vital that end-to-end you own your platform in order to bring in all the data to the learning environment. As an aside, Schreiber offers the briefest and most cutting take-down of averages: "on average your customers have one testicle". Anyhow, go read the whole article. It isn't all right, it isn't all as simple as that - but there are some strong points, and they should spur action.


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