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Dr Michael Naylor's New Book "Insurance Transformed"

Dr Michael Naylor's new book on the ways he expects the insurance sector to be transformed by technology, “Insurance Transformed: technological disruption”, has been published in both hard-cover and e-copy by McMillian UK. These can be purchased from Palgrave at (www.palgrave.com/gb/book/9783319638348) or Springer at (www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319638348). Naylor advises:

"The book is an improved and extended version of my 2016 report, and discusses in detail why incumbents will find it difficult to combat external entrants when disruptive change occurs. It covers a range of topics related to:  key disruptors,  telematics, big data analytics, use of social media, automated underwriting, automated claims, robo advice, the decline of auto-insurance, changes for health and life insurance, and suggestions for how insurers can restructure their business to survive."


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