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Sleep, diet risks, and building engagement with life insurers

Research conducted by scientists at Kings College in London examined 42 volunteers who had admitted to sleeping less than seven hours a night. Half of the volunteers were given sleep advice and asked to keep the same bedtime each night, stay away from caffeine and electronics before bed, be conscious about their eating habits so that they weren't too full or too hungry before bed and use techniques to relax during the evening as well as taking personal sleep counselling sessions. The other half of volunteers were not given any advice and only asked to track their sleep and food habits while keeping their daily schedules the same as they had before. Click here to read the results. 

Sleep advice, a key function of many wearables, provides a direct, daily, form of relevant engagement with a customer for many tech companies. That it is also closely connected with well-being, and the issue weight management, should make it an adjacency for insurers as well. With obesity being described as an 'epidemic' by some insurance companies, it might be an idea to connect with the daily habits that affect risk.


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