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Would You Take Money Advice From a Computer?

As robo-advice is set to take off in NZ this year Tamsyn Parker has written this article for NZ Herald outlining potential risks. Robo-advice is believed to give lower-income Kiwis access to financial advice they may not usually have access to through a 'human' financial adviser. Once again the discussion is centered on the investment side of robo-advice. Realistically, they might be right: the demand forging factors are strongest for KiwiSaver. The regulator wants KiwiSaver providers to offer more engagement tools for customers, and to demonstrate that customer have at least considered a more aggressive investment strategy. For providers there are cost pressures caused by serving many members with small balances through current (human-provided service models) Click here to read more. With insurance the pressures are different - while there is no current regulatory pressure, and a wide variety of services models already exist, although cost pressures for using human advisers are, if anything stronger.


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