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Use the gear you've got

Safety, it's a bunch of bureaucrats scaring up work for themselves, until it isn't, and suddenly someone has been hurt.

Compliance, is the same, really.

But first, this: I love the title of this article at Worksafe New Zealand: "Use the gear you've got". It is a great message with wider implications than 'just' the protection of passers-by from a tree as it was felled. The poor woman caught by the tree spent six days in hospital, that's serious. On investigation it was found that the required safety gear to cordon off the area was in the van. Some was used, some was not, and some not used according to the guidelines. Here is the comment from the report:

"...[they] had extendable barriers and tape available to mark out an exclusion zone but chose not to use it. As a result, an innocent party has received traumatic injuries.”

You know, most advisers have a perfectly serviceable CRM system already. Whether its "manila 1.0" or the latest in a multi-platform-cloud-based-specialised-whatsit - recording the details of an advice process isn't hard. It's just that it often isn't done.

Likewise, and I know this is a bit self-serving, populating a great insurance recommendation report from Quotemonster isn't hard either. What baffles me is that something like a third of subscribers don't save the report. They did the report, but they didn't save it - which baffles me, because the FMA may, one day, ask to see the client file.

Right there, that's the equivalent of leaving the safety gear back in the van. What's most lacking is the practice.



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