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FSC CEO Richard Klipin on Change in the Life Insurance Industry

It really does pay to get insurance

Uninsured drivers calling the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman (IFSO) make up 10% of all contacts. There were lots of people calling about disputes with other drivers, caused, fundamentally, by driving while uninsured. Their disputes included whether or not they were liable, the amount of the costs, and disputing liability for the excess for the other driver, who was insured. The constant stream of inquiries has prompted IFSO to produce a handy leaflet explaining a few basics for these people. Plus Karen Stevens is making this issue pretty clear for people:

“If you own a vehicle, you should have insurance,” says Karen Stevens, Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman. “We can only investigate complaints from customers about their own insurers. Unfortunately, if you don’t have insurance we can’t do anything to help.”


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