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Advisers Engaged with Law and Regulation

I spent Sunday with members of the SIFA at their conference in Wellington. One of the great things about a small group is that pretty much everyone was engaged. There has been some coverage already of the policy positions outlined by Murray Weatherston on the CWG proposals, which were detailed at the conference, and are worth reading. On that subject, John Berry of the Code Working Group was also a guest of the conference, but of course, could make no direct comments on the discussions. But it was the engagement of the membership that was the most striking point. The average level of knowledge, ability to discuss, and ability to forecast and imagine what may happen in the future - were all considerably above the average. They are a great bunch of people, but they aren't superhuman. If you are not across the Bill and the CWG document, just download them an read them, and the chances are you will be ahead.



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