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Insurtech not a one-way bet

Start-ups of any kind are not a one-way bet, and while there is plenty of money to be made in the insurtech sector, there is plenty to be lost too. Development capital is being raised for insurance ventures of all kinds: at different parts of the value-chain, support, back office, sales, needs analysis, for advisers, for direct to consumer, and on and on. Huge sums are being spent, and most will be wasted - because only a few of these ideas can succeed, even if they all had good ideas, and great execution, the market cannot sustain them all. It is not, therefore, surprising when a start-up fails, as Mosaic is reported to have done recently. As a business owner I am always distressed to hear when projects like these do not succeed. I hope the people involved can find a place for the good ideas they have elsewhere.


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