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Advisor Promoter launches marketing automation tech tailored for insurance

Advisor Promoter has launched a marketing automation tool tailored for insurance advisers. Here is their introduction to the service and a link to the website so you can check it out:

Designed in New Zealand for Insurance and Financial Advisors, we have focused on developing a comprehensive system that leverages the latest technology to help advisors nurture existing relationships, automate tasks and generate new leads through a range of very powerful pre-designed campaigns. In working with advisors, we have married technology with processes that directly drive business and strengthen customer relationships, all within a system that is simple to use and understand. Not only have we developed comprehensive systems that delivers leads to you in real-time, we continually add to, monitor and improve these campaigns so you can rest assured that you are always getting optimum marketing results. Moberate is a highly advanced, yet simple to use, smartphone based marketing automation system.

Designed primarily as a fully maintained done for you service, Moberate uses the power of the smartphone providing non-technical users the ability to promote their product or service without having the need to understand the complexities of marketing automation. Utilizing both online and offline media, Moberate allows users to market with both traditional marketing tools in addition to best in class marketing automation technology all from your smartphone or any modern device.

This technology uses a range of simple to use, trackable marketing channels including, Mobile Landing Pages, Email, SMS, Social, Print, TV, Radio and Presentation tools etc all designed to help you better understand where to spend your time and investment to generate results.



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