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Quick Profile, Fiona Knight - FSC Conference Speaker

FSC Insurance Stream Update - Mental Health - Shifting mindsets

For those of you attending the FSC conference, this is one of a series of updates on our workshops.

Given rising trends in mental health awareness and diagnosis, how is the industry responding to the challenge? How could we contribute to improving mental health outcomes? Our panel will discuss strategies from acceptance to engagement.

Our talented panel will open up the subject from definition through to challenges and cover some more practical tips later in the session - as well as being open to some of your questions. This is great for expanding your background to a significant issue for underwriting, claims, and product design. It also links strongly to operational opportunities - leveraging more skills and views through a more diverse work place.

Panel participants include: 
Shelley Cox, Head of Adviser Distribution, AMP
Jackie McGuire, Managing Director, Umbrella
Fiona Knight, Staff Welfare Officer, NZ Police 
Aych McArdle, Community Advocate and LGBTI+ Human Rights Defender, Rainbow.


Click here for conference details.



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