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Quick Profile, Jacqui Maguire - FSC Conference Speaker

Jacqui’s vision for thriving organisations drives her commitment to working closely with our clients to develop strong employee wellbeing.
In her role as Managing Director, Jacqui works with Umbrella’s key clients to understand the unique needs of their organisation and people. She then works collaboratively with stakeholders to develop tailored programmes to meet these needs and deliver measurable results. Jacqui also leads the Umbrella training facilitation team to ensure a high standard of excellence is maintained across every workshop and by every facilitator.

As a facilitator herself, Jacqui brings her scientific knowledge of wellbeing to life and is skilled at weaving this knowledge into practical applications for people. Jacqui has a strong track record of engaging a diverse range of people, including those who may be sceptical of the benefits of psychological interventions. Jacqui also receives consistently positive feedback from senior leadership teams who appreciate her ability to hold multiple organisational priorities alongside personal wellbeing development for people in senior roles.

Jacqui Maguire (002)

Quick Profile, Fiona Knight - FSC Conference Speaker

Fiona is a Staff Welfare Officer for NZ Police, providing assistance and support to Police employees and their families.  The focus of Fiona’s role is to assist staff in managing the stressful and often highly traumatic work that they do, supporting staff with the work/home interface, and supporting the organisation to manage risk, etc. I think there are plenty of lessons to be learned from the relatively unforgiving world of law enforcement that could be transferred to the workplaces of the insurance sector. Listening to Fiona talk the other week I guess I was surprised to hear that probably a commitment to diversity is one of them.


FSC Insurance Stream Update - Mental Health - Shifting mindsets

For those of you attending the FSC conference, this is one of a series of updates on our workshops.

Given rising trends in mental health awareness and diagnosis, how is the industry responding to the challenge? How could we contribute to improving mental health outcomes? Our panel will discuss strategies from acceptance to engagement.

Our talented panel will open up the subject from definition through to challenges and cover some more practical tips later in the session - as well as being open to some of your questions. This is great for expanding your background to a significant issue for underwriting, claims, and product design. It also links strongly to operational opportunities - leveraging more skills and views through a more diverse work place.

Panel participants include: 
Shelley Cox, Head of Adviser Distribution, AMP
Jackie McGuire, Managing Director, Umbrella
Fiona Knight, Staff Welfare Officer, NZ Police 
Aych McArdle, Community Advocate and LGBTI+ Human Rights Defender, Rainbow.


Click here for conference details.


Money Week - 3 September

Money Week commences on the 3rd of September and this years theme is 'Weather Life's Storm'. Financial Advice New Zealand have created materials for its members - which include access to a range of banners, blogs, videos and more. You can add your own branding, use the content in client and other communications, post videos and more. If you are a Financial Advice NZ member click here to register for the marketing and content pack.Although weathering life's storms has a distinctly savings-focused theme for most money week participants, it doesn't have to. In fact, before you have capital, the simplest way to weather many of life's storms is to first, take care, and second, have insurance.

FSC: Navigating Change - Message 6

Here is the sixth message from the FSC about future changes coming in financial advice regulation. Their goal is to highlight key things advisers need to know about the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill, its regulations and the Code of Conduct for Financial Advice. It is a good guide, and well worth checking in with each one.

Sovereign Life Plus One Discount - Now Live on Quotemonster

Advisers using Sovereign can now see the effect of the Life Plus One discount in Quotemonster comparisons - and its automatic. Quotemonster now identifies quotes that meet the criteria and applies the discount. A note is included in the quote comparison to highlight that it includes a life plus one discount. There are some rules. Below is a copy of the Life Plus One announcement below with relevant links.


For a limited time, your clients can now get 10% off for the life of their new TotalCareMax policy. 

From 11th of July 2018, you can offer your clients 10%off any benefits taken out on their new TotalCareMax policy. To qualify for this discount your client must take out Life cover of over $100k and one other Sovereign TotalCareMax risk-benefit with a combined total annual premium of at least $1,000 before the discount is applied.

To apply this discount simply update Illustrations and select the campaign code ‘SOV10’

To enable you to view and be able to select this campaign code you will be required to update your current version of Illustrations. To update Illustrations click on this link and then click on 'Run'. Once the program has completed, restart your Illustrations and you will now have the campaign code functionality.

Then to apply the discount simply add the campaign code 'SOV10' to your client’s quote in Illustrations. For a step by step instruction, find out more here.

Some key things to remember:

  • This offer ends on 5th October 2018 for submitted business.
  • Policies must be issued by 2nd November 2018 and the offer is only valid for new business where all lives assured are fully underwritten and excludes Private Health, Start-Up Income Protection, TotalCareMax Lite and voluntary workplace risk products. For further information see the terms and conditions here

Is robo-advice an implementation strategy? I don't think so

Michael Kitces from Nerd's Eye View has written this article discussing some of the real marketplace challenges for Robo-Advisers and the growth of robo-adviser solutions for advisers. Their view is that robo advice is fundamentally an implementation strategy, and not a customer acquisition one.

My view of digital advice is that the place where digital can be most useful is in customer acquisition, extending gradually back towards full advice-giving. That contrast could be something about the relative volume challenges of the different types of adviser we tend to focus on. Investment advisers have relatively fewer client interactions, and much more advice implementation and administrative tasks for each one. Insurance advisers are the reverse - they have many, many, interactions with people, and tend to have fewer administrative tasks for each one. So when each of us looks at digital we see it automating the high-volume interactions that are most troublesome to the process.

Obviously the actual development of digital advice will be far more complex and organic than these models imply, but I'm not going to bet that digital can't help you acquire clients. I guess I'm betting the other way. Look at all the marketing automation tools we employ already.