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Quick Profile - Roy Norris, FSC Conference Speaker

Educated at the University of Stellenbosch and UNISA (University of South Africa) Roy has been in the financial services industry all his working life both in South Africa and New Zealand. He immigrated to New Zealand in 2001 after 10 years in South Africa and has more than 28 years industry experience mainly in Sales & Operations. Roy started in New Zealand as General Manager Operations at Fidelity Life and after seven years moved to Head of Sales & Marketing. He left in 2012 where he contacted to Generate KiwiSaver to assist in growing its distribution arm. Today Roy has his own financial advice business, established in 2013. Roy is Principle of R&G Consultants Ltd, and is Chairman of Plus4 Insurance Solutions Ltd. Roy also sits on the Adviser Group Network which include the heads of other adviser groups. Roy is married to Gayle and has two sons, one at school and one studying engineering at Auckland University.He enjoys cycling, golf and cricket and still plays for the Auckland University Presidents Eleven.

Roy is a panel member for the insurance industry in 2023 discussion on the 7th of September at the FSC Conference






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