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Michael Kitces from Nerd's Eye View has written this article discussing some of the real marketplace challenges for Robo-Advisers and the growth of robo-adviser solutions for advisers. Their view is that robo advice is fundamentally an implementation strategy, and not a customer acquisition one.

My view of digital advice is that the place where digital can be most useful is in customer acquisition, extending gradually back towards full advice-giving. That contrast could be something about the relative volume challenges of the different types of adviser we tend to focus on. Investment advisers have relatively fewer client interactions, and much more advice implementation and administrative tasks for each one. Insurance advisers are the reverse - they have many, many, interactions with people, and tend to have fewer administrative tasks for each one. So when each of us looks at digital we see it automating the high-volume interactions that are most troublesome to the process.

Obviously the actual development of digital advice will be far more complex and organic than these models imply, but I'm not going to bet that digital can't help you acquire clients. I guess I'm betting the other way. Look at all the marketing automation tools we employ already.


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