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A great TPD claim story

A superb video about a successful TPD claimant, who was a drainlayer. I hear a lot that people say TPD doesn't pay. I think that there is a lot of difficulty getting TPD claims paid - both for insurers and clients. Insurers do have to make sure of the eligibility for claim in fairness to other policy holders. The client has to keep going through a barrage of tests and assessments over a long period of time - that can sometimes feel like they will be endless. All that suggests that the role of a professional adviser is crucial. when it works well, it works like this video. Something Anand Srinivasan, of Brisk Insurance, can be proud of.


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J-P Hale

Anand did a great job with this claim. Tenacity and perseverance to secure the right outcome. One that's interesting in the application of TPD and potentially one that surprised the insurer as well as other advisers.

Well done Anand!

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