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Planning series: It feels risky, but is it really?

Over the break you might spend some time thinking about 2019 and beyond, blog posts with the planning series headline and tags are for you.

Maybe you would like to try a new way of working (a groundbreaking product, online advertising, digital advice, offering a fee option, starting to offer KiwiSaver advice - you name it), but you are worried about the risk. Somehow that worry has meant that you do not even have a detailed plan worked out. Quietly, in the back of your mind, some part of your brain that was formed by human experience hundreds of thousands of years old, is telling you to walk the familiar path - don't try that new thing. A red flag is being raised. In 2018 language the flag is being called 'risk' but merely writing a plan, having a few discussions, and maybe testing concepts with a few clients is not in any way risky. Don't fall at the first hurdle. Before you kill the idea, and repeat 2018, at least do the planning.

Seth Godin has an excellent post on the subject, at this link.


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