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Conversation or mudslinging?

A little while ago Jenée Tibsharaeny talked with me about trying to engage readers in the conversation. I like that. I also know that most of the financial journalists are keen to engage. If you have a story to tell, I encourage you to call and discuss and engage with media people, as they hope to engages readers. My experience is that Philip Macalister, Susan Edmunds, Peter Sobels, Maya Breen, Diana Clements, Jenée Tibsharaeny, and David Chaplin have all been very interested in learning more about the industry and engaging positively.

On the other hand, you get examples of people who only want to sling mud. In the comments on my recent article about insurance fraud I had one person lay all the blame at the feet of the industry. To them, the industry is 'corrupt to the bone', and the FMA is 'captured' and dispute resolution schemes are all being 'defrauded' by insurers. In short, everyone is wrong - except them. It must be a lonely, scary world. We all know that in a large industry, there are problems. But to defame everyone, with no sense of proportion, or balance, or interest in solutions, It's a shame.


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J-P Hale

Good comments and the mirror can be a harsh critic. One we should look at more often in this regard

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