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Planning series: do all advisers have to sound the same?

Does social media actually work for financial advisers?

Tony Vidler has this excellent video on the answer to the question. Link. You have to be better at promoting what you do than doing what you do. You can argue with that all you like, but if you never want to do any marketing, you'd probably better just get a job in someone else's business. I guess the thing I like about this social media comment from Tony is the strong link to marketing automation at the end - how you turn those 'suspects' or 'tyre-kickers' online into real prospects, and better yet, how you automate the first few stages of that process so you can do that much more efficiently, saving your precious fact-to-face time for clients.


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J-P Hale

He's well ahead of the curve here. And he's right, you're ok doing sales but you don't want to do the marketing piece, it’s like saying I fix cars but I don't sell parts.

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