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Planning series: slow change

Slow change can be a great ally. Take any large project, break it down into many small steps, and you can win by gradually tackling each one over time. Whatever your 'elephant' sized business problem is - digitising old records, preparing for the new compliance regime, or establishing content creation skills within your business - slowly but surely, 'eating the elephant' can be made possible.

Slow change can also be a great enemy. The classic personal example is how weight tends to creep up slowly over time. The classic business example is failing to keep your skills up to date. Underinvestment in personal skills does not show up straight away - in fact it looks like a gain: you can spend that time on something else, maybe something with a short-term payoff, while the cost savings fall to the bottom line. But it is really a question of making a withdrawal from the long-term value of the business.

Sooner or later a reckoning comes - and then perhaps the bill falls due all at once: income falls, or you have to make a large investment of time and money to catch up.



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