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Planning series: what will you stop doing?

Before you can do more, you must do less. Yesterday you were alive for 24 hours. You did something with the time. Most of the people I know don't have loads of free time. Even if you spent a lot less time working yesterday than you could have, if you are planning a big change... you need to take into a account what you will do less of. If it was leisure, then how will you adjust? If you are going to change what you work on, within your typical working week, how will you do that? There are three main strategies: ditch, delegate, and digitise.

  • Ditch unproductive tasks, or those tasks that don't align with your new plans.
  • Delegate tasks where you can, choosing to train, trust, and manage others to achieve goals in your business usually creates growth for you and for them.
  • Digitising tasks to create more efficiency, freeing up time to do new things, is a worthwhile ambition. It can get complicated, you may need help.

But once you have worked to free up a significant chunk of your diary, then there is real space for new things to grow, and new goals to be achieved. Without first creating the space, they will remain just a pipe-dream.


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