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Professional IQ: Risk Analysis - how to protect the pathway to your goals

Professional IQ are hosting a webinar titled 'Risk Analysis - how to protect the pathway to your goals' presented by Trevor Slater. 

Here is some more information about the content:

Most of us set goals in our personal and business lives.  However, whilst we often take action to ensure we reach a goal in our personal lives, what we often fail to do in our business lives is to look at the risks that may prevent us reaching those goals.

Take for example when we travel overseas.  We have travel insurance, an itinerary, maps, guides, travel cards and even vaccinations to minimise the risk of not having a good time.  Yet how many businesses have a plan to ensure your clients' data is never lost or how you would run your business if there was a complete IT failure for some days or you are struck down with an illness?

Almost all of the things that we do in our business involve risk of some kind, but it can sometimes be challenging to identify risk, let alone prepare for it.

Risk Analysis helps you understand risk, so that you can manage it, and minimise disruption to your plans. Risk Analysis also helps you control risk in a cost-effective way.

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