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User manuals

There are guides to home maintenance. I met a builder who told me that after every major storm he walked around his home checking for damage, and then got up and checked the gutters. It was a natural process and meant that several times a year, more in winter than in summer, he would check over the roof, gutters, cladding, windows, down-pipes, and wires wires, and drains. It made sense, I still do it. 

Tony Vidler wrote an excellent article on his blog a little while back arguing that other complex products come with instruction manuals - so why don't ours? I agree, and it got me thinking - what would an instruction manual for a good insurance programme look like? It depends, but I suspect the checklist might look a bit like a good annual review. I also like charts that show a list of the contingencies a family might be insured against and a tick if they are insured, with details of the sum insured and who to call to inquire about a claim process. Maybe both, alongside a handy list by the phone of people to call in emergencies.

What do you think should be in an insurance user manual?



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