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What insurance advisers can tell you about entrenched views

People with strongly entrenched views love them, and are willing to suffer a lot to keep them, even in the face of the evidence.That curious mental 'stickiness' shows up in sales processes all the time.  That is why insurance advisers, who have the hard job of helping people plan for their death, illness, or disablement, have some of the finest practical experience with the phenomena of all. Ask them about it some time. Some of the things they tell you are supported by recent science on the subject. According to this article from The Economist many of us will pay money to avoid points of view that differ from our own. Click here to read more. There are many strategies for working around entrenched views, some of the best are based on guided discovery and the exploration of shared values. They all require a bit of work, but they are worth it, I think. After all - aren't we all struggling to learn new things, get over our own entrenched views, and persuade people?


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