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Asteron Life: New Level Premium options mean greater flexibility for clients

Effective from the 11th of February Asteron Life are adding the following options to Level Life for both personal and business products:

  • ·         Level to age 50
  • ·         Level to age 60
  • ·         Level to age 65
  • ·         Level to age 75
  • ·         Level to age 100

Click here to read more. Download Asteron Life Level Life This is what Asteron Life says it will mean for clients:

'The extended number of level premium options gives you greater flexibility when structuring a package to meet your clients’ needs analysis.

It’s all about value and being fit for purpose. To reach the best customer outcome you may want to structure a mix of stepped and level premiums to achieve the cover they need at a sustainable price. Shorter term cover may still be best on a stepped basis to keep the cost down, but longer terms are often better structured as level and that’s where the extended range of options becomes gold.

These options become especially relevant in business and rural contexts. For example a 30 year old business owner may say “I’m not going to have debt in my business after age 50, so I can have a 15 year term and cover that debt at a lower cost". But they’re likely to want to protect their family with life cover through to age 70, to age 80 or longer.

Similarly in the rural context, many farm owners want to put together a succession plan in selling or passing on their farm. A mix of level stepped and shorter term level covers will protect that exposure at best price until that plan kicks in.'

A mix of both level and stepped premiums may be shown in a single quote on either Quotemonster or AsteronConnect


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