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Ministerial Diaries - now proactively disclosed

I am amazed that this has not been picked up by mainstream media. There have been so many advocates for greater transparency in government (like Holly Walker, a Green MP) and New Zealand's government has both been a good proponent of open government, and has seen controversy when it fails to be sufficiently open and transparent.

My compliance consultant, Rob Dowler, has been a very vocal advocate of MPs disclosing their meetings - which is a robust, clear, and easily actionable step in getting greater transparency. His advocacy has directly contributed to a change announced by the government to 'proactively disclose' their diaries. This has now started, and you can see, for example, the disclosure made by the Hon. Kris Faafoi at this link. This is a good change, and I am delighted it has been adopted and particularly glad to celebrate with advocates for it - especially Rob.

Now, like most freedoms, we have to ensure we make use of it and defend it if someone comes up with the idea that they would like to stop doing it...


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