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Regulation and creativity

I know the old saw that moving to 'best practice' will make your regulatory worries disappear, and it has never quite had me convinced. Not because I don't like improvement, I love it. It's because of the fallacy of there being just one 'best' way to do anything - and how it shows up as a longer form. 

Financial advice is actually really complicated, and most advisers discover, through a lot of experience, how to give advice - which is actually saying the right words, in the right order, and thinking clearly about what the real issues are. The solutions are many and varied. I'm all for research and evidence-based approaches, but when all is said and done, behaviour change in a client comes through a process of interaction with an adviser that cares enough about them.

But those brilliant brains response to a challenge (to read Seth Godin's excellent post on this subject click here). It is worth reflecting, briefly, on all the past challenges you have had in the market, and how you overcame those. It may not always feel like it, but amidst the struggle of change, incredible creativity can emerge, and your brilliant brain is probably better at finding a solution than you give it credit for.


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