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Arohanui Christchurch, kind regards insurance companies

Our sense of unity was solidified after the atrocious Christchurch terror attacks. The Prime Minister, other governing bodies, those with a platform and communities all around the country demonstrated what it means to be a New Zealander. The outpouring of support was not limited to individuals, corporate entities were quick to condemn the shootings. 

Major insurers have pledged to make an exception on the terrorist exclusions in policies at this time to provide cover for those affected by the attacks. Although AIA policies do not include this exclusion, they have set up a dedicated customer support team for clients affected by the shootings. Similarly, Fidelity Life have set up a customer and adviser care team. NIB have expressed their willingness to assist advisers and affected clients during this time by ensuring employees are available to offer all those affected the appropriate support.

Cigna has pledged to honor claims made by customers affected by the attacks, although many of their products “don’t have these exclusions”. Partners Life have taken a similar stance by choosing to refrain from applying the terrorism exclusions to the very few policies that include this exclusion.

AA insurance, State and AMI have all agreed that the terrorist exclusions will not be applicable to those affected. All three insurers will work to ensure clients that were affected experience a seamless claims process. Click here to read more 


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