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ANZAC Day Memorial

The timing of Easter and ANZAC day this year means that a lot of people have taken the opportunity for an autumn break. But the two events being so close together, combined with the horrific attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka serves to underline another link: between peace and readiness. I have a friend who has worked for long periods of time in Sri Lanka - during the period of their terrible civil war too. They stayed at some of those hotels and worked in areas near the bombings. That's not just 'some place' its a real place with real people who are in mourning. My thoughts and condolences are with them at this time. 

The traditional Easter greeting in churches, the sign of peace, where one turns to your neighbours and says 'peace be with you' and they reply 'and also with you' is what most of us hope for in life - peace. The violence done in those churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, perhaps, could have been prevented according to some news reports about intelligence warnings that were ignored. But it could only have been prevented by readiness, and the willingness of people to act to confront something that they believe to be wrong. That's where ANZAC day fits into the story. Those soldiers were prepared to go and serve, and whatever your particular views of the political situation at the time, today, for me, their service symbolises that determination. Today I shall think of that. 


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