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Ombudsman Karen Stevens, has said that the majority of complaints to the IFSO scheme have involved clients being turned down as a result of not being able to demonstrate a claim on first impression, and that clients did not understand the reason for rejection. 

So the client has received a decline letter, and cannot actually explain understand why they have been declined. That has to be a massive communications failure. I am sure I could pause here for a big rant about poor education, distracted people, and self-interested, even - and possible add in a detour into the decline of general reading skills. But none of this matters. The point of writing to a client to explain whether a claim has been accepted should surely include the reason why. At the very least, so that the client doesn't feel driven out of exasperation to make a complaint. 

Stevens also points out that advisers play a critical role in educating clients about the claims process. She continues by saying that advisers can add a substantial amount of value to the overall customer experience.

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