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Expression of interest for Partners Life May adviser training course now open

New and recent advisers looking to gain industry insight are now able to express their interest to attend a Partners Life three-day adviser training course which will be held 20-22 May 2019 on level three at the Partners Life House in Takapuna.

The free training sessions aim to equip attendees with knowledge on sales, products, underwriting and claims. The training course is set with the intention of guiding new advisers towards success by introducing them to insurance terminology, relevant legislation and strategy. To ensure all attendees have a fundamental understanding of the insurance industry, they will be required to complete online modules prior to attending the sessions.

Want to work for Quotemonster?

We are hiring!

Position Title: Researcher

Tasks and Duties Include:

  1. Update and maintain QPR database

  2. Update and maintain the Policy Document Library

  3. Update and maintain the Underwriting Limits database

  4. Conduct testing on providers quote software

  5. Admin duties as specified in the admin manual

  6. Training calls to advisers or administrators to support product use

  7. Telephone support to QPR users

  8. Managing subscription queries

  9. Engaging with advisers

  10. Any other reasonable requests

Required minimum qualifications:

  • Use of Microsoft Office systems: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and MYOB

  • Ability to communicate well in English – written and verbal

  • Good organisational skills

  • Ability to follow checklist and instructions well

  • Attention to detail

Desirable qualifications

  • Undergraduate Business Degree

  • 3+ years insurance industry

  • Knowledge of quote systems

  • Life and personal lines insurance knowledge

  • Quotemonster and Quality Product Research knowledge

If you are interested please get in touch info@quotemonster.co.nz

MBIE conduct of financial institutions options paper

For those of you who have spent the latter part of your weekend reading and making notes on the options paper, just know that you were not alone. If you have not yet had the pleasure, you can always download your copy here. I have been unable to locate the link at MBIE's site either for this, or the paper on insurance contract law referenced in the document. 

Download Conduct of Financial Institutions Options Paper

For institutional clients that subscribe to the Quarterly Life and Health sector industry report, I am preparing a one page issues summary and table of comments on the options. Do contact me if you would like a copy. 

For advisers, I thoroughly recommend this is one of the must read documents. 

Financial Advice New Zealand want advisers to engage more in CPD

Financial Advice New Zealand is urging its members to refrain from waiting until licensing to begin building their CPD log. Signing up to relevant webcasts now will allow advisers to grow their professional development hours and illustrate that they are remaining up to date. Members are now able to also access the CPD library to watch past webcasts and listen to past podcasts.

Update on Asteron’s Kids Cover increase

It was announced in February that Asteron would increase their free Kids Cover Benefit from $10,000 to $50,000. As a result of technical issues, emails and letters of notification were not sent out at the expected release dates. Kids Cover Benefit increase means:

  • the additional $40,000 is per child
  • that the $40,000 increase will happen automatically for customers who previously had $10,000 free Kids Cover - so they will now have a total of $50,000 free cover
  • customers who purchased extra cover (at the rate of $1 per month per $10,000) will have the additional $40,000 automatically added on top of the sum insured, even if this puts them over the maximum $200,000 per child
  • up to nine children or grandchildren can be added to a policy, but each child does need an individual application

AIA Sovereign target medical advancements with new requirements

AIA Sovereign's new medical advancement provisions apply three key requirements to new diagnostic techniques - in effect they have to be demonstrated as being better than existing techniques, and must be recognised in Australia and New Zealand as such, and diagnose the condition to the same level of severity. With the advent of more severity-based definitions it is clearly important to include severity levels in definitions. 

Sovereign Medical Advancements Wording 24 April 2019

ANZAC Day Memorial

The timing of Easter and ANZAC day this year means that a lot of people have taken the opportunity for an autumn break. But the two events being so close together, combined with the horrific attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka serves to underline another link: between peace and readiness. I have a friend who has worked for long periods of time in Sri Lanka - during the period of their terrible civil war too. They stayed at some of those hotels and worked in areas near the bombings. That's not just 'some place' its a real place with real people who are in mourning. My thoughts and condolences are with them at this time. 

The traditional Easter greeting in churches, the sign of peace, where one turns to your neighbours and says 'peace be with you' and they reply 'and also with you' is what most of us hope for in life - peace. The violence done in those churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, perhaps, could have been prevented according to some news reports about intelligence warnings that were ignored. But it could only have been prevented by readiness, and the willingness of people to act to confront something that they believe to be wrong. That's where ANZAC day fits into the story. Those soldiers were prepared to go and serve, and whatever your particular views of the political situation at the time, today, for me, their service symbolises that determination. Today I shall think of that. 

Grant Thompson appointed to AIA Vitality Coach

During AIA and Sovereign’s roadshow, it was announced that Grant Thomson was appointed as the AIA Vitality Coach for New Zealand. Through the launch of AIA Vitality, advisers will be able to initiate a conversation that touches on a more holistic view on health and wellbeing. Through his appointment, Thompson will be present to assist advisers to incorporate holistic health into client conversations.

His extensive industry experience allows Thompson to offer adviser support. Relevant experience includes having 20 years’ experience working with insurance advisers and being part of the Discovery Distributions Team during the launch of Vitality in South Africa.

Thompson hopes to change the general perspective of insurance by altering the way advisers and industry personnel discuss insurance. Through the incorporation of wellbeing solutions into promotions and general conversations Thompson believes that New Zealand can be amongst the healthiest and most protected nations.