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It has been some time since we let the monster out on the road. We are excited to announce that we will be visiting 14 venues across the country between the 11th of June and the 12th of July.

We are doing things a little differently this time and splitting the roadshow into two sessions. Each session will be one hour long and you are most welcome to book for both sessions or just one. There will be a small break for morning tea in between. As usual the sessions will be interactive workshops packed with great information and plenty of opportunities for you to provide feedback.

Please have a read of the details for both sessions below to ensure that you register for the correct workshop for your needs. If you would like to attend both you will need to register for both sessions separately. Space is limited so register now to avoid missing out. Links to register for each venue can be found at the bottom of this email.

Session One: Survive the shift to licensing

Ideal for: non-research users, newer advisers and support staff, business development managers

We know you already give great advice: this session is about how you prove it when challenged.
You have level five, keep good records, and you are a good adviser. How do you provide evidence to support your advice when someone challenges it? Like it or not those challenges are going to come more frequently as the regulator takes more of an interest in life and health insurance advice.
The advice is yours. Our research and technology are designed to provide you with the best combination of information on which to deliver your recommendation and prevent a regulatory emergency.

Our reports can help you to:

  • Show why you chose that insurer over others
  • Show how many insurers you considered
  • Show why you recommended that a client switch insurance
  • Ensure that you don’t recommend a product based on features the client can’t access
  • Show that you do recommend on the basis of real advantages
  • Prove how many alternatives you considered, before choosing
  • Prove that you compared cost and features – at current date applicable to this client
  • Show how you explained the risks and exclusions applicable to the policy options given
  • Show that you considered the clients’ needs and goals
  • Show that this recommendation has the client’s interest at its heart?

If you have never used product research in your client recommendations come along and explore new ways to support your advice process for the new environment.

Session Two: Research and Advicemonster deep dive

Ideal for: Existing Research and Advicemonster subscribers

You are already familiar with research – but whether you are at the start of your journey, or you are already a power-user, you will get a lot of value from this session. Every registered attendee will receive a confidential, personalised report on their system usage. We will ensure that we tailor each session to cover the areas of most value to you – and how to extract the maximum value from your research subscription.

Topics covered:

  • Projected premiums
  • Quoting accelerated and standalone trauma and TPD together
  • Report history
  • Quoting life insurances with any health insurer
  • Underwriting terms
  • News
  • Backing your preferred provider choices with evidence
  • Help set our development agenda for new features for the next 12 to 24 months
  • Join our research advisory group

If you would like to bring your administrator (they are most welcome) please make sure you register for them too as this helps us with catering, seating, etc.

Tauranga - 11 June - Session One or Session Two
Hamilton - 12 June - Session One or Session Two
Palmerston North - 13 June - Session One or Session Two
New Plymouth - 14 June - Session One or Session Two
Auckland (North Shore) - 17 June - Session One or Session Two
Wellington - 20 June - Session One or Session Two
Christchurch - 21 June - Session One or Session Two
Nelson - 25 June - Session One or Session Two
Dunedin - 26 June - Session One or Session Two
Invercargill - 27 June - Session One or Session Two
Queenstown - 28 June - Session One or Session Two
Auckland (Remuera) - 3 July - Session One or Session Two
Napier - 4 July - Session One or Session Two
Whangarei - 12 July - Session One or Session Two


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