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How to make a submission on the Conduct of Financial Institutions Options Paper:

Step 1: Read the materials in this blog post

Step 2: This is the a good approach to thinking about your submission

  • Customer – How does this benefit customers? 
  • Facts – use relevant facts to support your submission
  • Comparison – How are we different to Australia? The UK?
  • Who do you speak for? Build scale into your response, or get together with others
  • Don’t make it confidential - unless absolutely necessary
  • Make sure you are fully across detail
  • Review your submission, get someone who is critical to help with this step
  • You don’t have to submit on the whole thing – being specific has value

Step 3: Go to

Step 4: Complete your submission on the relevant parts you want to comment on

Step 5: Submit and spread the word

Step 6: Plan for change in your business

MBIE seeks written submissions by Friday 7 June 2019.


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