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Southern Cross awarded Most Satisfied Customers Award for the fourth year in a row

Congratulations to Southern Cross who were awarded Canstar's Most Satisfied Customer Award for the fourth consecutive year. 

“Southern Cross Health Society has been rated by its members as the market leading health insurer for its service quality, communication and performance throughout the claims process, winning our customer satisfaction award for the fourth consecutive year,” says Jose George, General Manager of Canstar New Zealand.

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FSC to launch Risking Everything in June

Financial Services Council will be launching Risking Everything, research conducted with over 2000 participants, on 11 June. 

The study was concerned with understanding New Zealander’s perspective on risk, what they do to lessen risk, and how they manage the impact associated with risk.

The event will be focused on identifying the risks that New Zealanders believe will impact their personal finances, how frequently they think about risk, how they prepare in the short-term, and in the long-term. Additionally, the event will focus on understanding why New Zealander’s are often underinsured and where we get our advice.

The event will begin at 7.30 am with breakfast and finish at 9.30 am. During the event, the findings of the research will be discussed; there will be a panel debate, and attendees will be given the opportunity to network.

Speakers include:

  • Andrea Kan, Executive Director at UMR Research Limited
  • Tim Grafton, Insurance Council of New Zealand Chief Executive
  • Richard Klipin, Financial Services Council New Zealand Chief Executive


  • FSC Members $45
  • Non-members $60

Location: Chapman Tripp, Level 35, 23-29 Albert Street, Auckland 1010

The Moniac

Moniac in UK

This is a picture of a Moniac (along with my son Jacob), a hydraulic computer, modelling an economy at a high level. It is a New Zealand cultural and scientific artifact, invented by Bill Phillips. Phillips was a New Zealand economist, but if you read his biography, you discover that before that, he was an adventurer. It is well worth reading about Bill, who was trained largely by observation and had a brilliant, critical mind, unusually coupled with a an inventor's belief in the possible.

This photograph was taken at the science museum in London. But you don't have to travel so far to visit this icon, as there is also one in the Reserve Bank building, in the small museum on the ground floor, which is open to the public. If you have some time between appointments next time you are there I recommend popping in. 

AIA Sovereign Second Set of Product Enhancements for 2019

AIA and Sovereign have released a second set of product enhancements this year. This time for Income Protection, Life, TPD and Health products. 

Here you can view a summary of these enhancements. Updates for QPR will be live on Quotemonster in the next week.

Maori Tribe find free health insurance 'life changing'

The Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei Trust partnered with nib last year to make free healthcare available for approximately 5,000 Aucklanders who can trace their genealogy back to the hāpu or a sub-tribe.

Almost 3,000 members of the hāpu have since signed up for the scheme, paid for by profits from investments following an $18 million treaty settlement the hāpu received from the Crown in 2011.

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AFAs are not required to apply for renewals

The FMA has specified that based on transitional provision clause 79, AFAs do not need to apply for renewals. The clause states that an AFA’s authorisation will remain as is until the Financial Advisers Act 2008 is annulled. FMA is contacting AFAs individually to ensure they that they do not need to take any further actions.  As a result, AFAs do not need to pay a renewal application fee.