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Partners Life Fastapp update

Partners Life launched Fastapp in March 2017. It was meant as an option for those who did not have the time to complete the underwriting process. Partners Life announced:

"During the two years, Fastapp has been in the market; certain things have arisen. Firstly, that the Predictable Claims exclusion wording has worked to match the underwriting process. While the ‘Uninsurable Health’ exclusion is a more complicated process... Through the use of Fastapp, some clients have had their claims declined as a result of having severe pre-existing conditions or having a "combination risk’ above the acceptable level. As a result of this, clients who fell into these categories ended up paying for cover they should not have had, and would never have had a claim paid under."

As a result of these factors, Partners Life has decided to discontinue Fastapp for new policies effective from 13 May 2019. Policies that were issued via the Fastapp process will continue to receive product enhancements as long as those policies remain in-force. Partners Life has vowed to support clients with these policies as well as advisers who have Fastapp business on their books.


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