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Stats NZ: How wealthy am I?

Stats NZ have released a new online tool which compares Kiwi's wealth to other New Zealanders. This is a great tool either for advisers providing contextual information to clients in financial plans, or for marketing and sales managers contemplating how realistic their client personae can be made. You can try it out at this link.

By using the tool’s filters, your household can compare how much you own in assets and how much you owe in debt in relation to households like yours. The balance after taking away your debt from your assets is your household’s net worth. You can also compare how much your household earns to other similar households.

“Using this tool, you could create a graph comparing your household’s net worth with other households. For example, if you live with your partner and children, you could compare your assets and debt with other households with children,” labour market and households senior manager Jason Attewell said.

Click here to access the tool.


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