The need for constant change and evaluation
There is a media disconnect, reporting creates a crazy impression of risk

Breaking through the mental and figurative glass ceiling

Regardless of the industry, the glass ceiling remains a prominent issue here in New Zealand. Despite the glass ceiling, women often refrain from applying for executive roles in fear of being inadequate.

This was the case for Nadine Tereora, current CEO of Fidelity Life. Regardless of her many years’ experience in the industry, when the role of CEO at Asteron Life opened up, she didn’t feel that she could take the opportunity. It took convincing to apply for the role, which she describes as “the biggest turning point” in her career.

To succeed in a male-dominated, such as the insurance industry here in New Zealand, Tereora believes that women need high levels of courage and self-belief. Furthermore, Tereora emphasizes the importance of flexitime and work-life balance for both men and women.

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