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Poor eating habits more deadly than smoking

A video posted on Instagram by World Economic Forum states that poor daily diet result in more deaths than smoking.  Publications in The Lancet have stated that one in five deaths globally is now caused by the growing trend of poor diets, this means 11 million people die as a result of poor eating habits. Other than death, poor eating habits result in heart complications, and cancer.

Although eating habits vary around the world, minimal consumption of whole grains and fruit and excessive consumption of salt is considered to be a poor diet. It has been found than Japanese and those living in Mediterranean countries are of good heath, with Japan having the lowest level of mortality in the world. In comparison, other Asian countries have higher levels of mortality.

Interesting to see in the comments the attention drawn to eating high levels of animal fats in meat and dairy, and the narrowing of the range of foods as contributing factors. They especially link back to high levels of heart disease and cancer. 


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