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Recent AIA Sovereign Product Enhancements

Here is a summary of some of the product enhancements AIA and Sovereign have recently released:

Sovereign Income Protection

  1. Updated the 'Total Disability Income Benefit' definition
  2. Enhanced the 'Partial Disability Income Benefit' definition
  3. Introduced a 'Childcare Support Benefit', a 'Waiting Period Reduction Benefit', a 'Return to Home Benefit' and more

Sovereign Life Insurance

  1. Introduced a 'Counselling Benefit'
  2. Broadened the 'Financial and Legal Advice Benefit'
  3. Increased the 'Special Events TPD / Trauma Facility'

Sovereign TPD

  1. Increased the 'Partial Permanent Disablement Benefit'
  2. Introduced an 'Assistance Benefit' and a 'Suspension of Premium Benefit'
  3. Improved the 'Special Events Increase Facility'

Sovereign Health

  1. Introduced a 'Mental Health Support Benefit', a 'Public Hospital Cancer Treatment Cash Benefit' and an 'Obstetric Care Allowance', plus more
  2. Improved the 'Cancer Care Benefit'
  3. Updated the 'Minor Surgery Benefit'

Sovereign Trauma

  1. Introduced a 'Severe Illness or Injury Benefit'
  2. Updated 40 medical definitions
  3. Added a 'Medical Advancements Protection Provision'


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