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There is a media disconnect, reporting creates a crazy impression of risk

Does the news reflect what we die from? In short, the answer is 'no'. The chart below shows US news media, but once you've had a smile at that one, you can check out the performance of media in the UK too (at this link). Reflection on the last year or two will tell you the same applies to us too, so no room for being smug.

If you're struggling to find terrorism in the chart showing actual causes of death, that's because it is less than 0.01% of the total of deaths in the United States. So with 35% of the reporting, it is over-reported by a rate of 3500 to 1 incidence. 

I understand the need to report what is shocking and unusual, but I also think that at the end of every article about terrorism and homicide there should be some context. Sooner or later, media has to accept some responsibility for skewing the priorities of their readers. 



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