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Thoughts on Susan Edmund’s Starting out Starting over

Susan Edmund’s Starting out Starting over is made up of different chapters that are dedicated to the different stages of a single woman’s life. Edmunds’ ability to simply relate finance to the lives of single women works to capture and hold the attention of readers. When beginning the book, I was a little worried that I would be left feeling overwhelmed, but Edmunds tackles the broad and complex topic of finance in a manner that is easy to follow, thought-provoking and entertaining. Her ability to address issues relating to debt, home purchases and other investments, love, insurance, and retirement worked well to offer readers a complete guide. Focusing on areas that are generally major events in any person’s life helped to put a lot of things into perspective.

A theme that ran throughout the book was the incorporation of case studies. All case studies worked to further illustrate a point that Edmunds was trying to get across to readers. Although the points were easy to understand, the use of cases studies made the book more personable. I found that aspects of the characters described throughout the book either related to people I know or myself. Although alarming at times, these case studies helped me to objectively assess my tendencies and experiences and to quietly evaluate the tendencies, current situations, and past experiences of women close to me. Upon completion of the book, I felt that the case studies served a dual. The first was to illustrate points made, and the second was to help readers examine their situation, experiences, and habits. I believe the use of case studies is a well-thought-out and a well-designed approach.

Another aspect that I found highly effective was the simple exercises that readers could complete. Through the integration of activities, I was able to use the material that I was reading to critically evaluate my situation and my mindset. Although difficult at times, this aspect of the book is what I found to be most helpful. Having these questions throughout the book meant that I was able to honestly answer without fear of judgment.

To conclude, Susan Edmund’s Starting out Starting over is an informative book that helped me to better understand finance and to be brutally honest with myself. I was able to better understand financial elements that are key to having a successful financial standing. Edmunds straight-forward approach worked well to get her points across in a manner that leaves readers aware and hopeful.

Review by Jerusalem Hibru. Image of Susan Edmunds, supplied.

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